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Climate Action Week Sydney is for the community, by the community.
The first ever Climate Action Week Sydney was a huge success because of the incredible support of over 300 volunteers.

Help us keep this movement alive for the future.

A workshop on the climate crisis. Photo credit: Harry Steer
A keynote speaker delivering a presentation in a large hall. Credit: Alexandre Palleas from Unsplash.
A group of runners. Credit: Miguel A Amuto from Unsplash


Joining the CAW.SYD initiative offers a diverse array of opportunities to make a difference, whether you're interested in sponsoring, promoting, volunteering, hosting an event, or providing a venue.

Your involvement is key to driving meaningful change, and together, we can amplify our impact and foster a more sustainable future. Let's unite in action and make CAW.SYD a resounding success!

Host an event

Expressions of interest to host an event have officially closed. We'll open submissions for 2025 in the near future.

Provide a venue

Do you have access to a venue in Sydney that can be used during CAW.SYD? Let us know via email.

Sponsor CAW.SYD

Are you interested in sponsoring a specific CAW.SYD event or the overall CAW.SYD initiative? Let us know here.

Volunteer at caw.syd

This year's volunteer registrations are closed. We'd love your support in future years. If this interests you, please reach out.

promote caw.syd

Help us get the word out for Climate Action Week Sydney.

Get in touch with our team.

attend an event

Keep your eyes out for when tickets go live for Climate Action Week Sydney. You won't want to miss tickets.


We're always happy to answer questions, but you may find them faster here.
If you don't find what you're searching for - email us at hello@caw.sydney

Can I express interest to run more than one event?

Yes! We welcome all expressions of interest to run events. We'd be thrilled to see multiple from you and your team.

When will people be able to register to attend events?

Registrations for events are open now and close when Climate Action Week Sydney 2024 finishes.

Is there a deadline to submit events?

The final call for events will be made in late April and the EOI process will close on Tuesday 30 April 2024.
The final CAW.SYD program will be published in the week of 6 May 2024.

How will I know if my event has been approved to run?

All submissions will be acknowledged by the CAW.SYD organising team. Successful and unsuccessful events will be notified of the decision with regard to their inclusion in the CAW.SYD program.

Where will approved events be advertised?

All approved events will be published on the CAW.SYD website and included in the publicised program on Humanitix.

Can I still submit an event idea if I don't have the resources or experience to make it happen?

You sure can. For this Climate Action Week Sydney 2024, we're activating our whole ecosystem to make this initiative happen. That means that we will need your help to make this event run, and much of the organisation will be with you.

We can, however, find the support you need to help make it happen.

Is an expression of interest confirmation that I will have to run this event?

No. The expression of interest is an application to the CAW.SYD organising team to participate in some way in this event.

Once your submission has been assessed you will hear back from the organisers regarding your application to be involved.

What is the evaluating criteria the organising team will use when assessing events that are appropriate for CAW.SYD 2024?

We're open to all types of events, but we do want to ensure this initiative stays focused on our mission of climate action and accessible to the whole ecosystem.

We won't approve events that:
Are not about climate action
Are harmful, derogatory or discriminative to others
May incite danger or violence
Could portray climate action in a negative light

Can I change my event description and details after submitting an expression of interest prior to the event going live on the CAW.SYD page or Humanitix?

Yes, you can. After an event is approved you will be given admin rights to edit the details of the event on the CAW.SYD Humanitix page. You'll have a chance to edit the event page, customise your event further, and make any required changes.

We do, however, ask that the nature of the event's concept stays true to the original intent otherwise the CAW.SYD team reserve the right to remove your event from the program.

Who can host an official CAW.SYD event?

Any individual or organisation can host an event. Everyone has a role to play in climate action.

How much information will I need to gather prior to submitting an idea for an event?

Event organisers must outline to the best of their ability details of the logistics, finance, and organisational capabilities to deliver their events.

By the time you apply have as many details as possible figured out.
Any remaining gaps can be highlighted in your submission as 'additional resources required'
Event organisers accept all responsibility for the event, including organisation, content, staffing, costs, etc.

What is CAW.SYD's stance of diversity and inclusion?

CAW SYD is committed to diversity and inclusivity as expressed in your balance of speakers, acknowledgement of alternative perspectives, and consideration of accessibility of the in-person event and/or via live-streaming.

Will events be live streamed?

Where possible events will be live-streamed, these will be advertised as such.

When is climate action week?

In 2024, Climate Action Week is 13-19 May.

Is there a geographic limit for events of Climate Action Week?

Events should be located within Greater Sydney, however, viewing parties can be outside of Sydney.

What do you define as climate action?

Climate action covers these five pillars:

Educate about greenhouse gas emissions and climate change
change in behaviour through storytelling and messaging
greenhouse gas emissions
existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
to a changing climate, building resilience to withstand and respond to climate change

How can I attend CAW.SYD?

CAW.SYD is a hybrid event that provides a range of opportunities to attend.
Most events will be held in person in the Greater Sydney Region during the week of 13-19 May 2024.
Some events will be streamed online and you can register and attend at your leisure.

Do I purchase tickets to attend CAW.SYD?

Each event host is responsible for managing the registration and attendance for their events.
While some events may cost money to attend, many will be free to attend in person and virtually.

Is there any cost associated with a CAW.SYD event?

Event organisers are responsible for any costs associated with hosting an event. If the event is sponsored or ticketed for revenue a portion of that money could be paid to CAW.SYD not for profit entity Climate Action Foundation.

Still have questions?

Let us know at hello@caw.sydney

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