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Climate Action Week Sydney (CAW.SYD) is a series of community-led events across Sydney from all aspects of the climate action ecosystem.

Surfers in the water - Credit; Guy Kawasaki - Unsplash
Two passionate innovators at an event in the Greenhouse Tech Hub. Credit: Harry Steer
Families walking through a farmer's market. Credit: Dane Deaner from Unsplash
People attending a workshop in the Greenhouse Climate Tech Hub. Credit: Harry Steer
A conference hall with Climate Action Week Sydney on the surrounding walls. Credit: Alexandre Pellaes for photo, Harry Steer for editing.
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People running through the streets in a marathon. Credit: Miguel A Amutio from Unsplash
Hands planting a plant. Credit: Jonathan Kemper from Unsplash
A festival. Credit: Danny Howe from Unsplash

What is Climate Action Week Sydney?

Climate Action Week Sydney is powered by the people of Sydney, allowing individuals from any part of the community to host their own events independently while leveraging the mission, platform, brand, and audience of CAW.SYD to enhance their impact.

By tapping existing climate initiatives and encouraging all of our community to participate, we seek to elevate Sydney’s role in global climate discussions, initiatives, and impact-oriented action.

The featured events run for one week each year, but the connections, conversations, and actions happen every day, and will continue to deliver climate action impact.

The goals of climate action week sydney

CAW.SYD is an opportunity for individuals and organisations from across our community to take and inspire stronger climate action; be it in their own lives, their communities, their businesses, the way they invest, or what they ask of their governments - local, state and federal.

Recognise indigenous communities and traditional knowledge to support climate action.

Engage the entire climate action ecosystem to create ambitious and impactful community-led events that amplify impact.

Showcase Sydney and Australia as epicentres of climate action and collaboration for local, regional and global actors.

Attract domestic and global talent, investors, and organisations to Sydney to help build local capabilities to impact Australia and the world positively.

Strengthen regional efforts to drive climate action including in regional Australia, the Pacific, and SE Asia.

Provide a platform to help achieve City of Sydney, NSW, and Australian Government net-zero targets.

What is climate action?

we've identified 5 pillars of climate action


Dive into the world of greenhouse gas emissions, uncover the realities of climate change, and explore the dynamic actions we can take to make a difference. Knowledge is power, and by understanding these critical issues, we're taking the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Inspire change

Through the power of policy reform, compelling storytelling, and passionate advocacy, we can spark a wave of behavioural transformation. It's about creating a movement where every story told and every voice heard fuels the fire of positive change.

Reduce emissions

Embrace the cutting-edge climate tech solutions and adopt practices that cut down our greenhouse gas emissions. It's about making smarter choices every day to pave the way for a greener planet.

Remove emissions

Actively work towards cleansing our atmosphere by naturally and technologically removing existing greenhouse gases. This dual approach is our secret weapon in reversing the tide against climate change.

Adapt & build resilience

As our climate evolves, so must we. By building resilience, we prepare ourselves to not just survive but thrive in the face of changing climates. It's about adapting our ways of life, our communities, and our world to not just withstand the challenges but emerge stronger.

A glimpse at CAW.SYD in 2024

What events will you see at CAW.SYD?

Climate Action Week Sydney will allow individuals and organisations from the ecosystem to host their events independently whilst leveraging the mission, platform, brand, and audience of CAW.SYD to enhance their impact.

Fireside Chats
Open debates
Brand activations
Product demos
Food stalls
Clothing markets
Art exhibitions
Short films
Experience events to witness climate tech solutions
Climate tech pitch competitions
Major announcements

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